Is J Balvin Adding Kap G to His Star-Studded Lineup of Collaborators?

Lead Photo: Photo: Itzel Alejandra Martinez
Photo: Itzel Alejandra Martinez
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Yesterday, we wrote about Phalvin (Pharrell Williams and J Balvin; don’t worry, it’s a thing) teaming up for the reggaeton superstar’s new album. You may have thought the hype train was nearing its final stop, but fear not: apparently, J Balvin and Atlanta-born rapper Kap G are hanging out in the studio, too.

Last night, the Chicano MC and Colombian star posted videos of their studio meet up on Snapchat. In the clip, Pharrell Williams is seen commandeering the board, while Kap and Balvin jam to what seems like a new cut from Ninja, Balvin’s forthcoming album. As a diehard Neptunes fan, I have to speculate here and say that the loop featured in the clip – “Esto es para ti” – sounds like highly auto-tuned Pharrell falsetto. It’s too early to tell whether that’s actually the case, and Kap’s contribution to the song remains to be seen too. It’s a huge co-sign for Kap G, whose upcoming album El Southside is slated to drop in March.

With a star-studded lineup of rumored collaborators (we previously reported on Kanye West, Big Sean, and Chance the Rapper), J Balvin continues to fuel anticipation for Ninja – and build a squad Taylor Swift should be jealous of. Let’s hope this partnership blossoms into some fire new music. Check out the Snapchat videos below:


Update, 2/26/2016 1:39 p.m.: Last night, J Balvin, Kap G, and Pharrell headed to the studio for a second round of collaboration. You can hear a loop of the song we previously reported on playing in the background, but this time there’s a snippet of what sounds like Pharrell singing in English. Get a taste of the new audio here: