Karol G Mentions a Collab With Feid & Emotional ‘Today Show’ Performance In New Cover Story

Lead Photo: Photo by Alive Coverage.
Photo by Alive Coverage.
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Karol G is the latest artist to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. In her interview, the Colombian superstar opened up about an emotional moment she shared with her tía following her record-breaking “The Today Show” performance and a collaboration with Feid. 

At the end of June, Karol G made history with her appearance on “The Today Show.” As part of the summer Citi Concert Series, over 15,000 gathered in New York City to see her perform live. “To share this time with you, and you are like having your time to share it with me, that’s when I feel that I’ve made it,” Karol told the massive crowd at the time.

Rolling Stone was with her at the performance. Following the show, she reportedly let out tears of joy in the green room. Karol G talked about how it was hard to believe that she was now on the level of international icons like Beyoncé, Shakira, Rihanna, and Ricky Martin, who all performed on the morning show before her. Her aunt comforted her in that emotional moment.

“But mami, you’ve really fought so hard for this,” Karol G’s tía told her. “All of you have worked hard,” she then told Karol G’s team. 

In June, Karol G and Feid also made their relationship official when they were photographed holding hands. And while she didn’t explicitly confirm being a couple with Feid, she was quoted smiling while talking about him during the interview. He was going to appear on the song “Verano Rosa,” which didn’t make it on Mañana Será Bonito (Bichota Season) due to time constraints. Reporter Isabelia Herrera accidentally picked up Karol G’s phone, and a picture of Feid was her background image.

“[Feid] says, ‘I know you’ve thought of thousands of people and no one fits but … are you gonna let me get on that song?’” she told Rolling Stone.

Karol G also revealed that there will be a second collaboration with Kali Uchis that could be released in October. Kali teamed up with her on the Bichota Season song “Me Tengo Que Ir.”