LISTEN: After 7 Years, Café Tacvba Is Back With New Song ‘La Bas(e)’

Lead Photo: Photo by Persia Campbell.
Photo by Persia Campbell.
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This is not a drill: Café Tacvba is finally back with new music. After seven years, the Mexican rock pioneers released their newest single “La Bas(e)” today (May 22). The result? An alternative rock anthem calling out for unity and a world without borders.

“🎵Aquí estamos nos quedamos / Un, dos, tres por ti, un, dos, tres por mí,” the rock band wrote online with the single’s cover art.

“La Bas(e)” was produced by the band and long-time collaborator Gustavo Santaolalla. By featuring hard-hitting drums, acoustic guitars, and Rubén Albarrán’s distinguished vocals, the track echoes the group’s signature alternative rock sound that categorizes them as one of Mexico’s music icons. With lyrics like, “Nadie es ilegal / El mundo es nuestro hogar / Llegando a la bas / Aquí estamos nos quedamos, aquí estamos nos quedamos [No one is illegal / The world is our home / Coming to la bas / Here we are we stay, here we stay we stay],” the band continues to be advocates for inclusion and equality. 

Per the press release, the song calls for “unity, liberty, brotherhood and a safe way of life for immigrants, eliminating borders.” It also aims for “a world where all humans are watching out for each other.” It was also inspired by the popular Mexican children’s game that chants “1, 2, 3 por ti, 1, 2, 3, por mí.”

Fans are excited about the band’s musical comeback. A YouTube user, @eduardorobles527, wrote: “After seven years we finally have new music from Café Tacvba. Time to bloom and grow once again.”

“La Bas(e)” follows Café Tacvba’s last studio album Jei Beibi, released in 2017. Jei Beibi cemented the band as sound-evolving rockers with more electronic sounds in songs like “Futuro,” and “Automático.” Jei Beibi won a Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2017.

The new track also comes ahead of their upcoming U.S. tour with Caifanes. The tour includes dates in Los Angeles, CA (June 5), Las Vegas, NV (June 6), Palm Desert, CA (June 7), and many more cities across the nation.

Listen to “La Bas(e)” below.