Natti Natasha Recruits Daddy Yankee & Wisin y Yandel On Last Collab ‘Mayor Que Usted’

Lead Photo: Photo by Miguel Ducos.
Photo by Miguel Ducos.
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Natti Natasha. Daddy Yankee. Wisin & Yandel. What do they all have in common? Besides having multiple global hits under each of their musical rosters, the four superstars just dropped this year’s summer anthem. We’re talking about “Mayor Que Usted” – Natti Natasha’s tribute to one of the movement’s most popular songs –  released today (June 17).

The epic track produced by Wisin, Mambo Kingz, and DJ Luian starts off by sampling Wisin & Yandel’s iconic “Ahora Es,” this time spearheaded by Natti’s empowering feminine vocals. The nostalgia doesn’t stop there, though. The track then continues to not only blend various signature 2000s reggaeton sounds but also gives a direct tribute through Natti lyrics. She sings: “Y no me importa que yo sea menor que usted,” giving a direct homage to Wisin & Yandel and DY’s “Mayor Que Yo.” Oh, how the tables turn. 

“It’s a dream come true for me to work with two of reggaeton’s legends that have inspired and influenced my career since the beginning,” the Dominican singer said about the track in a press statement. “I couldn’t have said farewell to these two music legends that helped pioneer a movement without celebrating their legacy through a collaboration.”

She continued: “I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel on this masterpiece, and I hope fans embrace it as much as I do.” However, DY and Wisin & Yandel weren’t the only ones recognized in the song. Natti and Daddy Yankee’s manager Raphy Pina – currently in prison –  was also shouted out towards the end of the track.

What an iconic way to show respect to two legends that are on the verge of retiring. After decades of hits, both emblematic figures will soon start their final tours. Daddy Yankee will kick off his U.S. leg of La Última Vuelta tour in Denver, CO, on July 25. On the other hand, Wisin & Yandel will start their La Última Mision tour on Sept. 30 in Miami, FL, also closing the book on their career as a duo. 

Listen to “Mayor Que Usted” below.