Listen To the Weeknd Sing in Spanish on the Remix To Maluma’s ‘Hawaí’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of The Weekend.
Photo courtesy of The Weekend.
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The Weeknd embraces his “El Fin de Semana” side on the remix to Maluma’s “Hawaí,” out today (Nov. 5). The Canadian superstar and the Colombian pop star are a dream team in the new music video.

Yesterday on social media, The Weeknd and Maluma teased a collaboration together. The Spanglish fruit of their labor is a surprise remix of “Hawaí.”

“I have always admired The Weeknd, so it feels nothing short of a dream come true to have him collab on the ‘Hawaí’ remix,” Maluma said in a statement. “He brought another flow to it and sang in both Spanish and English, which is impressive.”

Like the original version, the remix music video for “Hawaí” was directed by Jessy Terrero. In the alluring visual, The Weeknd is El Wikén rocking his afro and mustache. Maluma remains a heartthrob like always.

The Weeknd croons the memorable “Hawaí” chorus fully in Spanish. His chilling and soulful voice sounds great in that language too. He also adds a new verse to the song in English. “So now he’s your heaven / You’re lying to yourself and him to make me jealous,” The Weeknd sings. Maluma continues to do his thing in Spanish. As if the biggest Latin music hit in the world couldn’t be better, the “Hawaí” remix is more of a global vacation getaway brought to you by two of the biggest musicians out there right now.