Los Tigres del Norte’s Upcoming Album Is a Tribute to Vicente Fernández

Lead Photo: Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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Los Tigres del Norte closed off last week by releasing their rendition of Vicente Fernández’s “La Ley del Monte,” their second single from their forthcoming album honoring the singer. Titled Y su palabra es la ley…Homenaje a Vincente Fernández, the album – which will drop on January 31 – will include the Los Tigres’ norteño interpretations of Fernandez’s biggest hits.

Fernandez, described as “the Frank Sinatra of ranchera music,” has had a prolific 40-year career. His songs are some of the most beloved in Mexico and beyond. It’s only fitting that Los Tigres del Norte, who are sometimes thought of as the voice of the people, pay tribute to one of the most prolific artists of all time.

In Los Tigres’ music video for “La Ley del Monte,” the band is outlined by colorful and whimsical lines, giving the video a surreal and fantastic element. Bassist Hernan Hernandez takes the vocal lead for the song and can be seen wearing a “States of Mexico” suit.

The release of Y Su Palabra es La Ley comes after Los Tigres’ Netflix documentary, Los Tigres del Norte at Folsom Prison. The film was aimed at showing the humanity of the people incarcerated, what their hopes and dreams are and what they’d do if they weren’t detained inside the prison Johnny Cash made famous.

Los Tigres del Norte will begin their 2020 tour on January 31 in Midland, Texas. Watch the video for “La Ley del Monte” below.