The Super Bowl LIV halftime show is already slated to be an incredibly memorable performance from Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The two performers, Puerto Rican and Colombian respectively, are making history as the first two Latinas to lead a Super Bowl halftime performance. Lopez hopes it will “bring everybody together,” despite the NFL’s controversial history, especially regarding their treatment of Colin Kaepernick.

Los Tigres Del Norte will also be a part of the football festivities, according to a statement from Fox Deportes. A video filmed in San Jose with the band will showcase “the legacy of Los Tigres del Norte, the 100 seasons of the NFL, and the passion felt by Hispanics for football,” according to Fox. Fox Deportes airs the game in Spanish, the first network to do so in the United States for Super Bowl XLVIII. It’s unclear if the video will include a performance from Los Tigres or just an appearance.

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Los Tigres del Norte. In addition to their Super Bowl video, there are also releasing a Vincente Fernandez tribute album, Y SU PALABRA ES LA LEY…HOMENAJE A VICENTE FERNÁNDEZ, including their recently released single “La Ley Del Monte.” Their album will be released on January 31, and their Super Bowl video will air during the Fox Deportes broadcast on February 2.