Dominicana diva Natti Natasha isn’t here to play. The 32-year-old reggaetonera and songstress has been absolutely showing out at New York Fashion Week, sitting pretty in the front row of fashion shows alongside big names like A$AP Ferg and Tinashe. But last night, she took things up a notch. Instead of just attending, Natti took to the runway herself at a show for The Blonds brand. And por supuesto, she stole all the attention.

Natti was invited by the iconic queer designers and partners David Blond and Phillipe Blond, who according to Reuters, share “Latin roots” (Phillipe is Puerto Rican), and wanted — in part — to pay tribute to that during their show on February 9, 2020. So they made sure that Latinx stars like Natti, along with Mexican singer-songwriter Gloria Trevi, were invited to attend.

In what’s definitely a trend in line with *ahem* Bad Bunny’s bedazzled stage masks, the designers’ show also featured a slew of sequined surgical masks on their models. Natti Natasha, for her part, didn’t wear one of these — but she surprised audiences in a different way.

The star appeared toward the end of the show wearing a Barbie-pink ensemble, accented with a bullet-chain garter belt and a glorious cape-coat. And dare we say, hers was the best look of the night.

As for the rest of the show, The Blonds were going for a futuristic take on religious-meets-fashion. “What we like to do is something that really borders on fantasy and reality,” David Blond told Reuters. “It’s a combination of costume and fashion. There really isn’t a way to define it because, for our clients, this is their work wardrobe… It’s not for the average person.”

He added, “We wanted to have this sort of idea of symbols and icons that we feel inspire us, make sense and what the future holds too. So it’s all kind of clashing together.”

Natti Natasha is certainly an icon who inspires — so we hear you there, Blond.