If you’re a faithful fan of Insecure, you’ll know that music plays an integral role in the hit HBO series. Whether it’s about creating the right mood or contributing to character development, music is an essential part of storytelling in Issa Rae’s beloved show. The first season’s soundtrack was co-curated by Solange and music supervisor Kier Lehman, and the show has subsequently earned a reputation for highlighting the work of under-the-radar black and brown artists (for the season currently airing on HBO, Issa Rae even launched a contest for emerging artists to submit their work for the third season’s episodes and official soundtrack).

That’s why we were excited to see the music of Omar Apollo appear on Sunday’s episode of the show, titled “High-Like.” The Chicano R&B singer’s song “Hijo de Su Madre” appears in the opening sequence of the episode, when Issa is cruising through the streets of Los Angeles during one of her shifts as a Lyft driver. The song plays after Issa’s former neighbor, Thug Yoda, hops into her car for a ride.

“Hijo de Su Madre” appears on Apollo’s recently released Stereo EP. The 20-year-old singer is part of a thriving new movement of independent Chicano artists who are turning heads in the mainstream music industry. In 2017, he premiered a short documentary about pursuing music as the child of immigrant parents on Remezcla, which you can watch here.

The song only plays for a few short seconds, but Apollo captured the moment on Twitter below.