Ozuna Wasn’t Extorted by Kevin Fret, Prosecutor Cites FBI Findings

Lead Photo: Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Universal Pictures
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Universal Pictures
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Three years after the murder of Kevin Fret, new details have emerged about the Puerto Rican singer’s case. In an interview on Tuesday (Jan. 10), prosecutor Betzadia Quiñones revealed that the FBI concluded that Ozuna was not extorted by Fret.

Fret, who was a rising queer artist in Latine trap, was shot to death on Jan. 10, 2019, in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. While Fret’s murder remains under investigation, Ozuna’s lawyer Antonio Sagardía, alleged that Fret was extorting Ozuna before he was killed. In a report published by El Nuevo Día last month, Sagardía said, “Ozuna has no connection to that death. On the contrary, if Kevin Fret were alive, he would be charged with the crime of extortion because there was more evidence that Kevin Fret was extorting Ozuna.”

In an interview with journalist Jay Fonseca from Cuarto Poder, Quiñones revealed that Fret’s name had been cleared by the FBI of the extortion allegations. The prosecutor reviewed documents of the case in Miami. “The FBI in Miami closed that investigation saying that there had been no extortion between Kevin Fret and the singer (Ozuna),” Quiñones said. She added, “[The FBI] took charge of the investigation, they concluded it, they closed it, and at the end of that investigation, they indicated that there was no extortion, that the money was given voluntarily, that there had been no type of pressure in terms of handing over the money, which was handed over voluntarily.”

The case of who killed Fret remains unsolved though the investigation is ongoing. When interviewed by El Nuevo Día last month, Quiñones mentioned that there are a few suspects that are under investigation. “I had a list of suspects and I still have it. And the suspects remain the same,” she said. Quiñones added that the list of suspects had been divided between those who plotted the murder and those who carried it out.