paopao Parties in Las Vegas With Ingratax and FMK In “Cuenta” Remix Video

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A party in Las Vegas? Could be your best or worst idea. For paopao, it seemingly went the former as she takes on Vegas in her music video for the “cuenta” remix, released on Friday (November 18). For this latest project, she teamed up with Mexican singer Ingratax and Argentine rapper FMK, and we got a first listen during Remezcla Studios last week. 

paopao is the first female artist to sign with top independent Latin label RichMusic. In August, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter released her debut album, diamantes y espinas. “cuenta” was one of the standout songs, and now she’s taking it to new levels with the remix.

“cuenta” mixes perreo beats reminiscent of 2000s reggaeton with an alternative and electronica edge. paopao boasts about how she is now living large without her ex. The wordplay is powerful as she seamlessly rhymes the Spanish words for “realize” and “money.” Ingratax is another artist bringing an alternative twist to Latine music, and she sounds at home among the track’s atmospheric sound. FMK adds more of a rap influence to the song by way of Argentina. This trio of rising stars focuses on keeping the cash flowing and the feelings to a minimum in this swaggering anthem.

“It’s a fronteo,” paopao tells Remezcla about the song. “It’s also a song that many people can relate to. The message beyond being a fronteo is now that ‘I’m doing better and making more money,’ the person who I was going out with in the beginning wants to come back.”

Ingratax and FMK also joined paopao in the remix music video for “cuenta.” The three artists hang out around Las Vegas together and get in on some gambling and partying, making the most out of Sin City. 

“Making the remix with Ingratax and FMK went very well, and it’s another achievement in my career because I always wanted to make a song with them,” Paopao says. “Personally, I’m a big fan of Ingratax and FMK, so for them to tell me yes, this collaboration really means a lot to me. I have a lot of love for them.”

Watch the video for “cuenta” below: