Paul McCartney Confused the Chilean and Texan Flag During a Show in Austin

Lead Photo: Photo by RoschetzkyIstockPhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by RoschetzkyIstockPhoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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It’s been about two years since the Texas legislature proposed a bill urging residents of the state to stop confusing the Chilean flag emoji with Texas’ state flag, but it seems that Beatles legend Paul McCartney didn’t get the memo before his performance at Austin City Limits this past weekend.

On October 6, McCartney headlined Austin City Limits at the city’s beloved Zilker Park. According to local blog Austin 360, the rock icon finished his set with a performance of “Hey Jude” and a massive fireworks display. Minutes later, he returned to the stage for an encore, which he kicked off by having his band wave the rainbow, UK, and US flags on stage. Then McCartney joined his band on stage by waving what he thought was the Lone Star State’s flag, all to deafening cheers in the audience.

Naturally, fans in the crowd took to Twitter to point out he was actually holding a Chilean flag (Both feature a star on a blue background with a red and white stripe, but the Chilean flag’s red stripe extends across the entire flag horizontally).

McCartney hasn’t publicly commented on the mistake, but chances are he’s bound to correct it before he headlines the second weekend of the festival on Friday, October 12.

Check out footage and Twitter reactions below:

H/T: Austin 360