WATCH: Peso Pluma & Ryan Castro Tease New Reggaeton Collaboration

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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It’s bound to be a Peso Pluma-filled week. The Mexican artist is already teasing a new collaboration before his new album release on Thursday (June 22). This time, he’s teaming up with Colombian singer-songwriter Ryan Castro on an untitled reggaeton track that will not be part of his upcoming album Genesis. Though we don’t have any further details, fans are already anticipating its release.

“Reggaeton de la mata just the way I like it, some time ago I made this track and many people asked me about it, I had it saved with @sogproducer for someone to crush it and my boy @pesopluma came along and set it on fire, when should we release it? Perreito pa las morras,” Castro wrote on his social media.

The video tease shows Castro bumping the old school-influenced reggaeton banger that features his voice alongside Peso Pluma’s distinctive raspy vocals. The song highlights a perreo-ready beat with a hypnotizing synth that already sounds like a summer anthem. Peso’s verse talks about wanting to eat someone up with kisses and being her lover.

Although we don’t know the single’s release date yet, social media users are already discussing what could be this summer’s must-play jam. A Twitter user wrote: “The snippet Ryan Castro and Peso Pluma gave last night… let me just say I’m obsessed already anyone who knows me KNOWS I loveeeeeee old school reggaeton 😭.” Another social media user echoed the same sentiment: “Ryan Castro and Peso Pluma on a song together 😩 this summer gonna be lit fasho.” 


Peso Pluma is no stranger to reggaeton music. He has already left his mark in the genre with his hit collaboration “La Bebe (Remix)” alongside Yng Lvcas. Moreover, besides this upcoming track, he’s also getting ready to drop Genesis, which features 14 songs. His upcoming LP’s collaborations include new songs with Natanael Cano, Junior H, and Gabito Ballesteros. Other collaborators are Jasiel Nuñez, Darey Castro, Edgardo Nuñez, Tito Double P, and Luis R Conriquez.