PREMIERE: Beéle, Humby, Maria Becerra & Joeboy Keep it ‘Low Key’ in New Collaboration

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla.
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Lately, it’s all about combining genres in the music space. A Colombian producer hitting the mark is Humby, who partnered up with his compatriot Beéle, Maria Becerra, and Nigerian singer-songwriter Joeboy on his newest collaboration, “Low Key,” premiering exclusively on Remezcla today (June 6). The result? An afrobeats jingle that unites rich Nigerian and Latine music elements.

Humby – born Humberto Viana – is no stranger to making global pieces. He’s worked on music for the Fast & Furious franchise and with artists like Daddy Yankee and Maroon 5, crafting songs that resonate with an international audience. Now, he’s working on expanding his production skills in a new direction with Nigerian sounds – but without losing his Latine roots.

In creating “Low Key,” Humby specifically recruited international artists from various regions to bring their essence to the track. He cites Joeboy’s bona fide afrobeats expertise, Beéle’s Colombian coast tinge that he implements in his afrobeats-inspired music, and Becerra’s comprehensive musical palette as why he recruited them. “Maria is unique, extremely versatile in her composition and melodies,” Humby tells with Remezcla. “Her personality is gorgeous, and she adapts to what feels right, vibrating on high. It is one of the many reasons why she is a superstar.”

With an uplifting electric guitar-driven and high-energy afrobeats sonic backdrop, the song shares a story of being unexpectedly enthralled by someone but keeping it on the down low. Moreover, the culturally diverse music video directed by Rob Dade, complements the tune’s unifying mission by highlighting stunning shots of Lagos, Nigeria, Barranquilla, Colombia, and Buenos Aires, Argentina – paying homage to the artists’ home countries. Surrounded by vibrant colors and their people, each artist lays their verse while vibing with each other. A highlighted scene is Shakira’s golden statue in Barranquilla, where both Colombian artists on this track are from. Other frames show the collaborators getting ink commemorating the song’s title name, showing how much this track means to them.

However, working on “Low Key” has a more profounding sentiment to the Colombian producer, who is proud to be one of the first Latine artists to make music on Nigerian soil, having worked before with names like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Remy in 2019. “Working in Nigeria was one of the most authentic and rewarding experiences of my life,” he says. “It is a country full of culture and rhythm that runs through its veins. Nigerians have unique rhythms and melodies. To be able to connect with them and be accepted in their culture is a great blessing.”

The epic mixture of cultures resulted in an unmatched ground-breaking experience for the artists involved, and it’s only the start. Humby’s goal is to keep connecting Nigerian music with more acts in the Latine space. “‘Low Key’ is historic; it is the first song that unites Colombian and Nigerian coastal culture in the most authentic way,” Humby says. “Viva Barranquilla, Colombia! Shakira, we are waiting for you for the remix.”

Watch the premiere of “Low Key” featuring Humby alongside Beéle, Becerra, and Joeboy below.