PREMIERE: On ‘Lejos De Ti,’ Nanpa Básico & Gera MX Wear Their Hearts on Their Sleeves

Lead Photo: Photo by Jerry Budar.
Photo by Jerry Budar.
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The emerging Colombian singer-songwriter and rapper Nanpa Básico is making moves. Not only did he recently sign a partnership with T6H Entertainment (Esteman, Leon Leidan), but he also exclusively premiered his newest acoustic-driven collaboration, “Lejos De Ti” featuring Mexican hip-hop artist Gera MX, on Remezcla today (Aug. 11).

The music video starts in a hazy, surreal, and minimalistic environment. It showcases photographs hanging from the ceiling, roses and a realistic-looking heart. The heart and blood were added to express the video’s “visceral” theme. Each prop serves as a heart-wrenching memory fitting to the song’s emotional lyrics. 

The fresh collaboration happened authentically and was recorded in Guadalajara, Mexico. “Gera and I are very close friends. We were in the studio for one of the several songs we have together, and I asked him if he could help me with a song on my record,” Nanpa told Remezcla. 

“There are many things that I have learned [from him], not only in music. In music, he taught me that by having your very own style and being a rapper you can take your project to unimaginable places,” he said about working with Gera. “I have learned the value of perseverance, loyalty, and discipline. They are my same values, but he reaffirmed them to me.”

Although Nanpa is seven years older than Gera, he says that he has taught him a lot about the industry and about how the business works. “I have learned everything from him, basically.”

We all know that both Nanpa and Gera are similar in that they don’t shy away from wearing their hearts on their sleeves in their music, respectively. And with this union, it’s no different. Their emotional distress is present since the opening verse: “Lejos de ti yo me voy, para ver si sana la herida / No pudiste pero es lo que soy, y por nadie voy a cambiar mi vida [I’m leaving far away from you, to see if the wound heals / you couldn’t but that’s what I am, and I won’t change my life for anyone].”

Each artist sings their verse with the utmost sentiment. Gera’s verse talks about someone who loves the streets more than him. He raps about his struggles of wanting to stay alone versus going back to the old flame. On the other hand, Nanpa’s lyrics explore nostalgia. He talks about growing up in the same neighborhood as who he’s singing to and mentions how he’s no longer willing to beg anyone to come back. 

He then wraps up his verse talking about the “tiring but inspiring” life as a musician. “It is basically talking about the understanding of why things end and what is best for both parties,” Nanpa said about the lyrics. “Sometimes it is better to leave to heal.”

Watch the video premiere of “Lejos De Ti” below.