Princess Nokia Is Dropping an “Emo Mixtape” in March

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music
Courtesy of Apple Music
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Destiny Frasqueri is many things, but her deep love for all kinds of music stands above all her personas. We’ve come to love her as a hip-hop chameleon, but so far, Princess Nokia‘s love for emo and pop punk has remained the stuff of Instagram stories. That’s about to change, now that she’s ready to bless us with a real deal emo mixtape.

In a recent interview with Dazed, Nokia revealed that she will release a mixtape titled A Girl Cried Red. “It’s not just a little touch of it or it blended into hip-hop. It’s real alternative music,” she told the magazine. The tape’s title was inspired by a Dance Gavin Dance song called “The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 1,” which she named her favorite song in the same interview. Tony Seltzer produced the mixtape and Elijah Rawk of Phony Ppl contributed guitar. Nokia said there will be no features.

In the interview, she explained that black and brown kids love emo because of their lack of representation in the mainstream. Last week, she addressed this subject on the first episode of her Beats 1 show The Voices In My Head, where she played songs by some of emo’s most popular bands and talked about her experience with the genre. She noted that for people of color, emo, goth, and metal provide a form of catharsis. “Brown kids – they carry emotion, they carry pain, they carry oppression and strife. And they carry so much that that music was an escapism,” she told Beats 1’s Ebro.

Last week, she uploaded a photo on Instagram with Seltzer announcing A Girl Cried Red, as well as a March 2018 release date. Stay tuned for the tape soon.