Destiny Frasqueri Pays Tribute to Disco-Era Activism and Celebrates New York Summers in ‘Soul Train’ Video

Destiny Frasqueri, formerly known as Princess Nokia and Wavy Spice, has found inspiration in something new–the feel-good nostalgia of yesteryear. Directed by Asli Baykal, Destiny’s new clip is a retro ode to the carefree summers of New York in the 70s, featuring funky bass lines, dancing in the street, and plenty of raspados.

The video, which was partially filmed on a Super 8 camera, is sunny and pure, showcasing a classic all-day block party with friends and family doing the Latin Hustle and viejitos playing dominó on the corner. It’s a warm reminder of a time when black and brown people in neighborhoods like Harlem and the Lower East Side celebrated their communities in peace. But the video’s radiant atmosphere isn’t just nostalgia; it’s a bold nod to the political activism and self-affirmation touted by groups like the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, a celebration of self that seems particularly relevant given the daily threat of police violence facing Black and Latino youth today. What’s more, the clip ends with a large crowd marching down the street, raising their fists in defiance.

Destiny’s return to the past is a refreshing breath of life without feeling dated, and while it’s not clear if the track is part of an upcoming album, her new project joins the ranks of recent politically-oriented albums like D’Angelo’s Black Messiah and Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. With these kinds of peers, her future is bright.