Rancho Humilde’s Rising Star Ovi Links Natanael With Lenny Tavárez and Brytiago on ‘Volver’

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of Rancho Humilde.
Photo courtesy of Rancho Humilde.
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The stars of the corridos tumbados scene have gone full reggaetón. Rising artist Ovi links Natanael Cano with Boricua rappers Lenny Tavárez and Brytiago in the music video for “Volver.”

Ovi is a part of the Rancho Humilde roster with Cano, who is the Mexican artist leading the corridos tumbados movement. The Cuban-born Ovi released his new album Buen Viaje on Friday and the standout track is “Volver” featuring Cano, Tavárez, Brytiago.

“Volver” marks the first major release between the corridos tumbados singers and the reggaetoneros. The Mexican genre has slightly leaned towards reggaetón a few times, but now Ovi and Cano are fully immersed in the sound. Ovi’s versatility as an artist is apparent as his voice soars on the heart-aching collaboration. Cano holds his own with his raw flow finding the right groove here. Tavárez and Brytiago add some sensuality to the track with their steamy verses. Perreo is going global and “Volver” is a refreshing sign that it’s not turning back anytime soon.

Ovi squads-up with Cano, Tavárez, and Brytiago in the “Volver” music video. The guys bring the attitude of the track to life in their slick visual. Expect Rancho Humilde to continue reaching out more into the reggaetón world.