LISTEN: Rauw Alejandro Releases “Punto 40” With Baby Rasta

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Duars Entertainment.
Courtesy of Duars Entertainment.
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No, he’s neither dead nor has broken up with his boo Rosalía – Rauw Alejandro is, however, back with new music. Yesterday (Sept. 22), Rauw and Baby Rasta dropped “Punto 40,” a solid remake of Baby Rasta y Gringo’s classic reggaeton track. He also announced that his forthcoming and third album Saturno will release in November.

Although Sep. 22 was the original date for his single release, Rauw reveals that he attempted to push the date given what’s happening in his home island of Puerto Rico. In the last few days, Hurricane Fiona slammed the Caribbean, leaving thousands without power, destroyed homes, and a long road of recovery ahead. 

“I wanted to change the date of my next single, because of the situation in my country, but there was not enough time to take the song down from some of the platforms,” Rauw wrote on Instagram. “Although my head and my heart is IN PR I continue with the release of this single.”

He also mentioned that although he’s not in the most joyful moods these days, music has always helped him overcome difficult times like these, which is one of the reasons why he makes music in the first place.

“Whenever I make music, the biggest inspiration is my culture and my people,” he wrote. “I hope I can always cheer them up on their worst and best days. To all my fans, thank you for waiting. Especially PR, thanks for so much. I’M HERE AND VAMO PA ENCIMAA!” 

The redefined cover of “Punto 40” is a hard-hitting reggaeton track from the start. It showcases Rauw’s signature vocals that continue to categorize him as one of today’s most distinctive voices in el movimiento. With this track, he pushes a more modern reggaeton sound rather than his popular synth-pop jams – and we can’t wait for what’s to come on his new album.

It goes without saying that fans are enthusiastic about the “LOKERA” singer’s new music. A Twitter user wrote: “Damn, this guy brought the flow of that time that we didn’t live with the flow of now.”

The official music video is set to be released tomorrow (Sept. 24). The futuristic trailer is out now.

Listen to “Punto 40” below.