All the former members of telenovela band RBD reunited for a photo on New Year’s Eve and fans are wondering if this means classes will be back in session at Elite Way School. The band that was founded on the hit 2000s series Rebelde is seemingly hinting at that.

Dulce María was the first to upload the reunion photo with her old bandmates. “May 2020 be full of surprises that cheer your heart,” she wrote on Twitter. The picture shows Dulce in a group hug with Anahí, Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera, Maite Perroni, Christopher von Uckermann and Christian Chávez. The last time all the members of RBD were seen together was in 2008 on their farewell tour.


That RBD reunion actually took place around Dec. 23 when Dulce and her bandmates uploaded a similar photo together that didn’t show their faces. The bandmates previously regrouped in a photo in 2015 sans Herrera. With all of them present this time around, hopefully, this was more than just a friendly get together.

When the Spice Girls were spotted together last year, their fans got a reunion tour (minus Victoria Beckham), so here’s to hoping we get the same treatment for RBD in 2020. The rebeldía is real with fans trending #RBDForever on Twitter after the photo’s release.

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