Relive El Patio Tecate 2020 Series With Performances by Miguel & Natalia Lafourcade

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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A second season of El Patio Tecate is coming soon! To celebrate the news, Tecate released a round-up of the best moments from last year’s El Patio shows.

According to the El Patio Tecate video, the second season of the beloved concert series is returning on May 6. This will be a little under a year since El Patio first kicked off in August 2020.

The El Patio Tecate is an initiative by the beer brand to highlight Latin music acts and celebrate Mexican-American culture and music. Tecate was very committed to the latter when corridos tumbados band Fuerza Regida and regional Mexican music star El Fantasma co-headlined the very first show.

The Best of El Patio Tecate 2020 revisits some of the best moments of the first season. Our favorite primo Miguel kicks off the highlights with his slick performance of “Sky Walker.” During Día de Los Muertos season, Mexican singer Natalia Lafourcade performed in front of an ofrenda. That beautiful and chilling moment can be relived in the video.

Since that first show, El Patio Tecate has widened the range of genres that are featured in the series. Recent Grammy nominee D Smoke’s moving performance of “No Commas” is also included in best of 2020 moments.

Tecate also teases some upcoming moments for the next season. Mexican icon Carla Morrison will be one of the future guests and the video teases her performance of “No Me Llames.” Mark your calendar for May 6 because that’s when we’ll start getting more virtual shows with today’s top Latin music artists.