Action Bronson Made Tostones for Residente Because Their Friendship is Real

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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Breaking tostones news today: Calle 13 alum Residente and beloved ganja connossieur Action Bronson spent last night in the kitchen cooking up a tray of fritos. No, this isn’t a bizarre dream I had faded off melatonin. See for yourself:

It seems like Rene Pérez Joglar took a well-deserved night off from promoting his upcoming solo album – and his surreal, NSFW video “Somos Anormales” – to kick it with “Abuelita Bronson,” as he’s calling himself now. According to Residente’s Instagram story, the pair also cooked up a pot of soup. Bronson also seems to be on the all-too-real plátano-chopping struggle bus:

The two rappers have been fans of each other for a few years now; back in 2013, Rene tweeted a photo teasing a potential collab. Later that year, Bronson encouraged his followers to check out Calle 13’s Multi Viral.

Before becoming a full-fledged rapper, the Queens native had a successful career as a gourmet fire-flame chef in New York. Bronson’s talents have garnered him a spot as the host of Viceland’s Fuck That’s Delicious, a show that follows the emcee’s culinary adventures across the country. It’s not yet clear if the two artists were simply hanging out or if Residente will appear on the show, but here’s hoping we get a behind-the-scenes look later on.