Residente Roasts Cosculluela With Nearly 10-Minute Long Diss Track

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Residente has delivered the knockout punch in his diss track battle against Cosculluela. Last night (Sept. 1), he unleashed his nearly 10-minute response titled “Cosquillita.”

The diss track battle between the Puerto Rican rappers started to unfold when Cosculluela released “#RenéRenuncia” on Aug. 31. 

After years of holding back their songs against each other with their former manager, White Lion Records’ de León, and keeping the peace, de León recently decided to let them go at it. Cosculluela fired first with his controversial diss track where he misgendered trans femme rapper Villano Antillano in the lyrics.

Yesterday, Residente seemingly responded to Cosculluela’s diss track by appearing in a photo with Tokischa. The Dominican artist and Residente have their tongues out with a picture on a phone of Villano Antillano in between them. Later that day, he uploaded a video to his Instagram featuring his brother, Gabriel. In the post, Gabriel advises Cosculluela on how he can make a better diss track against Residente.

It all led to last night. Residente released his highly-anticipated diss track against Cosculluela, which doesn’t disappoint. In the nearly 10-minute “Cosquillita,” Residente roasts Cosculluela by calling him “the Paris Hilton of the urban genre.” He’s most likely referring to the antiquated trope against Hilton that she’s “famous for basically doing nothing.” In one of the bars, Residente also says that Cosculluela dropped his diss track for some relevance. “You got into this tiradera because I am the power plant that ignites your career,” he raps in Spanish. Residente does not pull any punches in his scorching response.

Since the release of “Cosquillita,” fans on Twitter are praising Residente’s response track. “Residente is the BEST battle emcee to step to a microphone. I feel sorry for those who don’t understand Spanish and are missing out on this genius, ¡porqué yo no me lo faltó!” Another fan posted a Simpsons meme, writing, “Me listening carefully as Residente ends Cosquillita’s career.”


This diss track could be the finishing blow in his battle with Cosculluela. Cosculluela has not yet responded – but who knows what’s to come?