Residente Will Be Writing & Directing for TV & Film Projects in New Sony Partnership

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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Puerto Rican rapper Residente is expanding his brand in a multi-year joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment. Part of the new deal will include the former Calle 13 frontman writing and directing TV shows and programming.

Under this new partnership, Residente and Sony Music Latin/Iberia will create, produce, and globally distribute original content projects across multiple formats. His work as a writer and director will not just be limited to TV, but it will also include films and all types of on-screen productions.

“There are much more important things than talking about million dollar businesses in the midst of a pandemic, where unemployment is becoming a larger issue daily,” Residente said in a statement. “But, together, we are announcing that under this venture there will be employment opportunities for Latinos around the world. Throughout my career I always knew that rap would be the vehicle that would lead me to fulfill my true passion, cinema. We’re going to make films, TV series, documentaries and all kinds of visual content, where the main priority will be creativity.”

Not only is Residente hoping to give Latinx people jobs under this partnership, but he’s also committing to tell more Latinx stories as the creative force behind these projects. With 1868 Studios, Residente will be collaborating with an international group of writers, directors, actors, music artists, and visual artists to bring these stories to life.

“Residente is a creative genius whose work has inspired the global music industry for many years and whose vision has inspired Latinx creators and communities all over the world,” said Afo Verde, chairman and CEO of Sony Music Latin. “This partnership enables us to channel his vast expertise and develop engaging and diverse content for audiences everywhere.”