Residente Posts Searing Statement Calling for Puerto Rican Governor’s Resignation

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist
Photo courtesy of the artist
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If you’ve been following Puerto Rican news lately, you’ve probably heard about Governor Ricardo Roselló’s seemingly endless thread of scandals – including allegations of corruption, fumbling of LGBTQI rights, and even the now-infamous text messaging scandal.

And though Residente (along with BFF Bad Bunny) recently made their way into the gubernatorial mansion for a 2 a.m. coffee, and seemed to leave the meeting feeling hopeful, the former Calle 13 rapper has now released a powerful statement against Roselló, demanding his resignation.

In his statement, which he posted on his Instagram along with a video of him speaking, he expressed the embarrassment he feels the government has brought on Puerto Rico, and calls for Roselló to resign or be removed by the power of the people who oppose him.

Aside from the written statement, Residente also spoke for seven minutes about the various problems he and others feel Roselló is causing the people of Puerto Rico.

Watch the video here, and read Residente’s written statement, which we’ve translated, below:

The lack of respect that this government has for our country is historic. We have to send a message to the next people in power of this country that if you mess with our people (to quote the words of Alfonso Orona), we will cut the head. Today, it is time to say goodbye to this public employee who was supposed to be for the good of the country. The message is clear and simple, every Puerto Rican with dignity asks governor Ricardo Roselló to resign immediately. We don’t want his government for even one more day. All the protesters on the streets who are also critical of the government are just in doing so. The ills on the part of the government, the insults against the LGBT community, the joke they’ve made out of the remains of our country, the lack of respect for the free press, the lack of respect toward the people who tirelessly fight for Puerto Rico, like Carlos Gallisá, the lack of respect toward its own employees, the lack of respect toward women, the mistreatment of colectivo femenista, I could write a doctoral dissertation with many reasons for why he needs to resign today on his own. The government has lost the respect of an entire country. If he doesn’t resign, we will take him out of office.