Residente Speaks Out Against Youtube for Censoring His Video Depicting Childbirth

Lead Photo: Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Univision
Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Univision
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The always outspoken Residente took to social media on Wednesday to call Youtube out for removing the video for his 2017 single “Somos Anormales.” He posted a screenshot of the removal notice, along with captions both in Spanish and English: “After seeing thousands of videos of people that don’t say anything in their songs… after seeing how money bounces on the butt cheeks of women… YouTube, owners of “the truth” when it comes to art, decided to take down the video “Somos Anormales” from my channel. They were [hounding us] for two years until they finally got what they wanted. Congrats YouTube! ??? They [took] down my first video as a director, with a cast of brilliant actors and all because they couldn’t [bear] to see a woman giving birth to people ?‍♂️?‍♂️ .”

However, after a few hours, he again took to his social media to announce the video had been put back up (this time with a disclaimer), and posted a photo taken on the set of the video along with it, obviously poking fun at the entire situation. Many other artists and celebrities – including Ricky Martin – commented on the post to show their support.

Though the one-time member of Calle 13 does make great points about censorship – especially when it comes to the depiction of women’s bodies – it’s hard to ignore the disdainful tone he takes when referring to the kinds of music videos he seems to deem as frivolous.

Maybe we can all just agree that censorship is bad all around and that there’s also no need to put other people’s art down?