Residente’s New Album Is Based on His DNA Test Results & Where His Ancestors Come From

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Only a few days after unveiling a partnership with Fusion Media Group, Residente is blessing fans with another sneak peek at his massive year to come. Yesterday afternoon, René Pérez announced a brand new website inspired by DNA tests the Boricua singer took to learn about his genetic ancestry. The sleek, bilingual site includes an interactive global map, photo galleries, and teasers for the full-length documentary and new album set to drop in 2017.

Clicking through the site will reveal video and audio clips recorded in Siberia, China, Puerto Rico, Ghana, the Caucasus, and beyond. Powerful images show Pérez walking through the streets of Beijing and Burkina Faso, recording with local musicians, and capture scenes of everyday life in these communities. As we can expect from Residente, who has a longstanding commitment to social justice and politics, the documentary teasers don’t just provide a preview of his experience collaborating with local artists; instead, they give necessary historical background to each country’s political and sociocultural climate.

Photo by Ruben Salgado Escudero
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The website reflects Residente’s global spirit and history of activism. As he said in a statement that accompanied the launch of the site, “I collaborated with talented artists; artists who the music industry doesn’t know because they haven’t paid attention to them for some time, artists who make music without expecting anything in return, artists whom I share DNA with, just as they shared their stories with me.”

Keep an eye on the site for more album teasers and a world tour, set to be announced in the spring of 2017.