Rochy RD Is Set to Be Free on Bail Soon – Here’s What We Know

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of @rochyrd/Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @rochyrd/Instagram
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[Trigger warning: This story mentions the sexual assault of a minor.]

On Aug. 2, Aderly Ramírez Ovied – better known as the Dominican dembow artist Rochy RD – was reportedly granted release from prison on a 2 million pesos bail. The artist currently remains behind bars awaiting the Constitutional Court’s official resolution, but his lawyers expect him to come out in the next two days, per Listin Diario. 

Rochy RD was sentenced to prison for three months on May 1  due to accusations of sexually assaulting a minor. However, his criminal charges were recently modified, allowing him to post bail, which had been denied before. This comes after the artist was admitted to a local hospital two weeks ago due to health complications regarding his diet.

“Finally, freedom,” Jose Martinez Brito, one of Rochy’s lawyers, posted on social media. Rochy has yet to post anything, but this photo of the lawyers with the artist is circulating the web as a sign of the artist’s new liberation. A media outlet reposted the same photo to which the Dominican rapper and Rochy supporter, Tokischa, commented, “Lo WAWAWA tamo de fietaaaa 🕊💘,” in celebration to the news.

In addition to posting bail, the record producer was ordered to report periodically to the authorities. The same source states that his lawyer said that the judge upheld the prior case and made the change for another measure. They also point out that a house representative became his warrantor for his release. 

Social media users aren’t the only ones celebrating Rochy’s upcoming release. Listin Diario reports that dozens of his fans were waiting for him outside the Santo Domingo East Prosecutor’s Office, showing their ongoing support for the artist. 

As reported before, Rochy RD was accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old minor. Dominican singer, La Demente, is also allegedly involved in the case and will remain in jail.  There’s no update regarding the alleged child sex-trafficking network, where La Demente was accused of being Rochy RD’s pimp.

Twitter fans are divided by the news of the rapper’s upcoming release. Fans are celebrating, already looking forward to his upcoming music. A Twitter user said: “Rochy RD about to drop bangers!” 

On the other hand, the release has others questioning the initial accusation. A Twitter user said: “The Rochy RD praise makes me uneasy. Talented yes but, heebie jeebies still. Like bro you went to jail for messing with a minor. But no one sees that. It’s tough.”

There’s no further news on La Demenete’s case or what Rochy RD will do now that he’s close to being free.

This is a developing story and Remezcla will bring updates as they become available.