The rumors are true: Spanish neoflamenco star Rosalía will officially appear on James Blake’s brand new album Assume Form, dropping January 18. The British artist has been teasing a new full-length for several months, and just one week ago, rumors started to swirl about the album’s release thanks to a French Amazon pre-order page. Among the long and exciting list of collaborators is the “Malamente” singer, as well as industry titans like Travis Scott, André 3000, Metro Boomin, and more. Though the pair hasn’t released any new music together, Blake has voiced his support of the Rosalía singer in the past when he tweeted about her album El mal querer back in November.

On Instagram, Rosalía and Blake shared behind-the-scenes clips from their time working together in a Los Angeles studio. The snippet features the Catalan star’s haunting vocals and even includes a clip of her singing in English. According to a press release, the track is titled “Barefoot In The Park.”

Check out the previews below, and keep an eye out for the collab when Assume Form drops next week.