Selena superfans have good reason to celebrate: Today, Google unveiled its first ever Selena-themed Doodle, on the anniversary of her self-titled debut album’s release in 1989. The Doodle comes with a short animated video designed in collaboration with Quintanilla’s family, a process that took two years since the initial design was submitted. As Billboard reports, Suzette Quintanilla collaborated with the Google team to design and animate the clip, which chronicles the star’s childhood in Texas up until her last major performance at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995, where she performed in the iconic purple jumpsuit.

The Doodle will be visible on the Google homepage in several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It will also be on Google India’s homepage.

The tribute also comes with a special surprise: in collaboration with The Selena Museum in la reina’s hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, Google has launched an exclusive digital exhibit as part of their Arts & Culture platform. The digital exhibit includes fan art, awards, and even a special collection diving into the history of Selena’s famed jumpsuits and bustiers. If you’ve never had a chance to check out the Selena Museum in Texas, click here to explore the special digital exhibit.

As expected, everyone is muy excited about the Doodle: