Shakira Cries in New Emotional Music Vídeo for “Monotonía”

Lead Photo: Photo by Jaume de la Iguana.
Photo by Jaume de la Iguana.
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Shakira is embracing bachata music in her new single “Monotonía,” released yesterday (Oct. 19). The Colombian superstar teamed up with Ozuna for the intense music video that sees her heart blasted out of her chest.

“Monotonía” is the second single from Shakira’s upcoming 12th studio album. The bachata song follows her global hit “Te Felicito,” featuring Rauw Alejandro. Now Ozuna, who has roots in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, is joining Shakira. 

Like with “Te Felicito,” Shakira could be reflecting on her split with Gerard Piqué in “Monotonía.” In the track, Shakira sings about a relationship that has run its course. “Suddenly you were no longer the same / You left me because of your narcissism,” she sings in Spanish. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful ode to moving on after a breakup.

Shakira co-directed the “Monotonía” music video with Jaume de la Iguana. She filmed the video in Manresa, Spain, with Ozuna. As Shakira is shopping in a supermarket listening to “Te Felicito,” her monotonous routine is interrupted by a man who appears with a bazooka. After she is blasted by the bazooka, she is left with a huge hole in her chest and her heart on the ground. Shakira picks up her heart and fumbles with it a few times on the way to a depository. Ozuna helps her lock away her heart to keep it safe from any more danger.

Some fans are speculating that the man in the video with bazooka represents Piqué. Many fans have posted side-by-side photos of Piqué in Shakira’s “Me Enamoré” video with the man in “Monotonía.” Both appear to be wearing the same sweatshirt though the face of the man in “Monotonía” is never shown.

Shakira’s “Te Felicito” is nominated for Record of the Year at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards. No word yet on when to expect her next album. 

Watch the music video for “Monotonía” below.