Shakira Joins Viral BZRP Music Session TikTok Dance Challenge – Fans React

Lead Photo: Photo by Pedro Colmeiro.
Photo by Pedro Colmeiro.
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Riding off the success of her fiery session with Bizarrap, Shakira is trending yet again. A viral dance challenge to the track is making waves on TikTok, and the Colombian superstar recently tapped in with an entry of her own to the delight of fans all over social media.


Loving your creations! Found this one from @belladose and had to try it!

♬ Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 – Bizarrap & Shakira

In the TikTok video, Shakira is seen dancing along with three other dancers. Since she first uploaded the clip, her TikTok has racked up 94 million views, while the sound alone has generated a whopping 1.2 million posts on the platform. “Loving your creations!” she wrote in the caption of her dance video. “Found this one from Bella Dose and had to try it!”

“Shakira dropping a diss track towards her ex and then making a viral tiktok dance so he can’t escape it is just such mother energy,” said one Twitter user. “I can’t breathe, I love women.” “Y’all really got Shakira doing tiktok dances,” wrote another social media user with keyboard smashes and a crying emoji.



“I open Tiktok and it’s all videos of [K-Pop] dance practices that go well with Shakira’s new,” said a music fan. “It’s so much fun!”

Shakira has been a headline mainstay lately, especially when her BZRP Music Session was released last week. The collaboration with the Argentine producer has been the subject of mixed reception, as its lyrics appear to be direct shots at her ex Gerard Piqué. While a lot of the commentary has been supportive, there are also just as many people who have been critical. Either way, people have weighed in on the song, including fellow artists like Paquita La Del Barrio and even Piqué himself.