Sierreño Act Conexión Divina Loses a Member – Band Speaks Out

Lead Photo: Photo by Camila Noriega.
Photo by Camila Noriega.
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All-women sierreño band Conexión Divina has gone down member. Last night (Sept. 15), the Mexican-American group announced that one of their members decided to leave.

In September 2022, Conexión Divina signed to Sony Music Latin. The trio included lead singer Liz Trujillo, Ashlee Valenzuela, and Sandra Calixto. In the past year, Conexión Divina reached many important milestones in their career. In April, the group released their debut album, Tres Mundos. Later that month, the trio was one of the few regional Mexican musical acts performing at the Coachella music festival.

Conexión Divina has proudly represented women and the LGBTQ+ community in the regional Mexican space. Trujillo identifies as gay, while Valenzuela, who was also one of the band’s main songwriters, identifies as bisexual. In the past few weeks, Valenzuela was not seen with Trujillo or Calixto when they were performing as Conexión Divina. Last weekend, Mexico City held the inaugural edition of Arre Festival, which included all the biggest regional Mexican acts like Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano, and Yahritza y Su Esencia. Valenzuela was notably absent when Conexión Divina hit the stage.

Last night, Trujillo and Calixto broke their silence about Valenzuela leaving Conexión Divina. They posted a picture of the three of them together on Instagram and thanked Valenzuela for her contributions to the band. Trujillo and Calixto added that they will carry on Conexión Divina with just two members.

“Today we have to announce that Ashlee will no longer be part of Conexion Divina and will continue on her own path,” they wrote. “Thank you Ashlee for being part of this project. The truth is we have learned a lot from each other and that’s something that will stay with us and thank you all so much for always being there from the beginning. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are. We love you all.”

There appears to be no hard feelings. Valenzuela commented on the post about her departure with four green heart emojis. She later posted a video on her Instagram talking more about the split while wishing her former bandmates well. Last night, Cuco featured Conexión Divina on his new single “Dime.”