We’ve been waiting on Spiff TV’s The Union for a minute — it figures to be the album that defines the A&R rep and music video director renaissance man’s vision for uniting Anglo and Latino hip-hop, reggaeton, and bachata artists. Flames got fanned even higher yesterday when Spiff announced in an interview with Billboard that The Union would include a track featuring Arcángel, DJ Khaled, and T.I.

“It’s been done before here and there, but I just wanted to do one album with the best of the best,” said Spiff before dropping the bomb that the trifecta would be joining forces on a song. We’ve already gotten leaks from The Union with Yandel and Future, and the looming release of the album promises to set off smoke bombs in this year of high-profile Anglo-Latino collabs. The release date has yet to be announced. “We might drop it like Beyoncé. With Beyoncé you never know, it just comes out of nada,” Spiff told Billboard.

Here’s hoping the release will help to dissolve this strange, industry-accepted binary between “mainstream” and “Latino.” After all, when Drake is dancing bachata, are the worlds really so separated anymore? “For some reason it’s been so smooth when you hear the music,” says Spiff. “It’s seamless, it doesn’t seem like it’s an American artist and now it’s a Spanish artist. You’re just listening to it, it’s just there.”

Spiff’s been busy in the run-up to the album release. He directed French Montana’s smash “Unforgettable” video, which showcased the dancers of Uganda, where it was filmed.

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