Future and Yandel Team Up for Spiff TV’s “Mi Combo” Video, a Latin Crossover You’ll Actually Like

For years, Latin stars have chased pop crossovers, so Future and Yandel teaming up should come as no surprise. Anyone remember the depressingly corny results of Nicki Minaj and Romeo Santos’ 2014 collab “Animales”? Luckily, the video for “Mi Combo” sidesteps any awkward Spanish-language lyrics, opting instead for a shapeshifting reggaeton slapper.

In the Spiff TV-produced clip, the Atlanta rapper and Puerto Rican icon trade verses in front of luxury Porsches and a group of video girls. In our 2015 interview with Spiff, the Maybach Music Latino president said he linked the two stars to appeal to their Latino fanbases. “It’s showing the Latin fans who love Future to see him with an artist that they embrace. I’m doing it mostly for the Latinos.” It’s a savvy business move, but one that aptly reflects our reality: why shouldn’t Future and Yandel team up on a song? These artists are on the same level in their respective corners of the music industry, and I would even argue that Yandel’s 18-year career makes him an industry stalwart, and Future more of a man of the moment.

As Spiff shrewdly points out, “I’m not saying, ‘Hey, do a verse with this up-and-coming artist.’ It’s more like, ‘do a verse with these guys who are on the same level as you in the Spanish-speaking world. He’s you in the Latin world.’” It’s high time someone in the industry bridged these two communities, and “Mi Combo” is an excellent start. Besides, who doesn’t want to hear Future whisper “prendido” in an auto-tuned warble?

Keep an eye out for more cross-genre collaborations this summer, when Spiff’s album No Veo a Nadie is set to drop.