Stop What You’re Doing & Watch Karol G’s Collab with Shakira “TQG”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here! Karol G just dropped her fourth album Mañana Será Bonito. With the album drop, she also released a fiery and cinematic video for “TQG,” her highly buzzed-about collaboration with Shakira.

The music video, directed by Pedro Artola, starts with what appears to be a “The Truman Show” style audience, monitoring and watching both stars’ moves. The clips then shows an emotional Karol G on top of a building and falling off it. As she falls, she continues to sing her heartfelt verses about an ex-lover with a new girlfriend. In another shot, we see Shakira wearing a tight aqua-colored dress with matching bottom eyeliner. She echoes the same breakup aftermath sentiment of processing seeing an ex with a new person. Together, they eventually mirror each other’s sensual moves in front of flames that complement their unapologetic verses about ultimately leveling up after a bad breakup.

Without a doubt, fans are praising the dynamic duo. A Twitter user quoted what sounds like the song’s most iconic phrase: “‘Tú te fuiste y yo me puse triple M: MÁS BUENA, MÁS DURA, MÁS LEVEL,’ and commented: “Shakira and Karol G in goddess mode in this part of the music video. I love it. Qué sigan facturando.”

Others are looking deeper into the visuals’ meaning, comparing it to the 1998 sci-fi film “The Truman Show.” A Twitter user wrote: “The whole concept of the video refers to The Truman Show, both locked in a media world, exposed to the whole world… in which they go from the coldness of the breakup of their ex-relationship to the heat of empowerment to finally be free.”

In a recent interview, Karol shared that the collaboration was supposed to come out back in Oct., which was her or

iginal album release date. However, due to Shakira’s request, it had to be released after her already-confirmed collaboration with Bizarrap, which was due in Jan. “Her entire process became clear to me the second I heard ’53’,” Karol told Variety. “She told me: ‘This is my way of sharing what I’ve lived through. I don’t talk about it in interviews—art is how I express myself as a woman.’ I was like, ‘Let me roll up my sleeves, and we’ll go at it together.’”

Karol’s Mañana Será Bonito includes other collaborations with Romeo Santos, Ovy on the Drums, Maldy, Justin Quiles, and Ángel Dior. It also features tracks with Bad Gyal, Sean Paul, Sech, and Carla Morrison.

Watch the official music video for “TQG” below.