WATCH: Teacher Goes Viral for Bad Bunny Costume

Lead Photo: Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy
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It only took a couple of days for folklorico teacher Magdalena R. to rack up 1.6 million likes on a video she uploaded to her TikTok page of her dressed like superstar Bad Bunny at school for Halloween. Her costume was so impressive, it won the teacher costume contest.

In the video, Magdalena recreated the virtual concert that Bunny held atop a bus traveling through New York City last year. During the concert, Bunny stopped traffic and had to dodge traffic lights and tree branches. He was wearing an all-black outfit and sporting a new hairstyle and goatee.

Magdalena rolled herself inside a cardboard minibus painted silver, black and red. She added a cardboard traffic light and tree branches beside her. She was also wearing a black outfit with chains, a black wig, and round shades just like Bunny did for his performance.

The teacher carried a microphone and lip-synced to Bunny’s “Si Veo a Tu Mamá,” the first track of his second solo album, 2020’s YHLQMDLG.

Once Magdalena made her entrance inside the minibus, she rolled toward a crowd outside the school for what seemed to be a small Halloween celebration. On TikTok, Magdalena also thanked fellow TikTok user Danika Bustillos for inspiring the costume. On her TikTok page, Bustillos is also dressed like Bunny performing the same virtual concert. She also has other videos where she is dressed as Bunny when he fought at the WWE’s WrestleMania earlier this year.