Conflict continues to following legendary reggaeton Tego Calderón, who was captured on video after his concert in Los Angeles last night being restrained by security from displaying physical aggression, reportedly to an audience member who had been making disrespectful comments during Calderón’s performance.

Radio producer Fernan Vélez posted the video, which does not identify where or when the situation took place — likely, at Calderón’s reportedly sold-out show September 27th show at Exchange LA. The incident comes less than a month after Calderón was detained on DUI charges in his hometown of Carolina, Puerto Rico. Those charges were dropped after police administered a Breathalyzer test, but Calderón was fined for the transit violations of driving with an open container and having an illegal LED light on his Jeep.

Those looking for Tego’s response to the recent issues may be satisfied by the Instagram caption he posted yesterday; “People say that I’m crazy, but there are people crazier than me.” The rest of the post called for people to leave the artist in peace.