The Rolling Stones & Daft Punk at Coachella 2013?

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Something peculiar happened over the weekend. A few careless programmers (or possibly devious pranksters) in charge of The Rolling Stones’ iPhone app let the cat out of the Coachella festival bag.

Early this past Friday, a notice went out to iPhone users informing them of future dates for the upcoming Rolling Stones tour…including a show on April 12, 2013 at Coachella! The info was removed immediately but the internet is forever. Check out the screengrab below:

But that’s not all. On Monday, someone over at Songkick got a little impatient as well:

Daft Punk, Phoenix, The Rolling Stones and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? That’s some huge news right there assuming that it’s true. The Stones just released a new single as well as a 50th anniversary box set while the other artists have new albums coming this spring.

However, Scott Bernstein at Hidden Track has a few good reasons as to why we really shouldn’t trust Songkick.

So what do we make of all this? Were these pranks? Mistakes by sleepy or eager programmers? Or perhaps a tease sanctioned by Goldenvoice to keep us all excited for Coachella (as if we needed it!)? We won’t know for sure until next month when the official lineup is released, but in the meantime, we’ll be taking bets.