Ticketmaster Mexico Announces Changes Following Bad Bunny Ticketing Fiasco

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric Rojas.
Photo by Eric Rojas.
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Not only did Bad Bunny conclude his 2022 with all kinds of records broken, but he also ended it with a ticketing fiasco during his last stop in Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca on Dec. 9. Dozens of people were left out of the stadium, which prompted PROFECO to fine Ticketmaster Mexico and it even drove Mexico’s president to ask El Conejo Malo for a redo. Though Benito’s reappearance didn’t happen, it seems that Ticketmaster Mexico is taking a step forward to make a change in its internal system.

On Jan. 15, Ticketmaster Mexico announced their new CEO, Ana María Arroyo, will replace Lorenza Baz. The change of leadership aims to reaffirm Ticketmaster’s “determination to improve the experience for fans, event promoters, venues, and business partners, as well as ensure the quality of their service,” per Telehit. Other highlighted goals include focusing on the ticketing service’s digital aspect to end illegal resales.

Though a PROFECO’s leader, Ricardo Sheffield, claimed that there were no fake tickets in the Bad Bunny fiasco–but a “classic case of overselling tickets”–it’s good to know that the ticketing service will implement new efforts to combat scalpers of any kind.

According to the aforementioned source, almost two thousand fans were left out of Bad Bunny’s Estadio Azteca tour stop and were refunded their money. The actual number of fans affected by the incident is often disputed. With this in mind, social media users are warning others to be more aware of scalpers in future concerts. A Twitter user wrote: “Everyone going to txt plz be careful with Ticketmaster! For the bad bunny in Mexico concert they over sold it and a lot of people with valid tickets were left out of the stadium! Just be super cautious with them rn as they are under investigation.”

Baz was head of the ticketing business for 30 years. According to Milenio, she’s recognized for her “achievements in the ticketing industry evolution,” and will continue working in OCESA’s business development.