Ticketmaster Mexico to be Fined for Bad Bunny’s Mexico City Show Ticket Fiasco

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric Rojas.
Photo by Eric Rojas.
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When Bad Bunny’s World Hottest Tour visited Mexico City on Friday night (Dec. 9), dozens of fans were denied entry to the concert. Ticketmaster Mexico canceled several tickets due to a high number of fake tickets circulated. Today, PROFECO announced Ticketmaster Mexico will be fined for the fiasco. 

Bad Bunny’s World Hottest Tour officially wrapped in Mexico City at the Estadio Azteca. Before the first show began on Friday, videos of fans who were denied entry were circulating online. Ticketmaster Mexico canceled many tickets that left fans with legitimate tickets outside of the venue with those who were scammed with fake tickets. Rolling Stone reported that Ticketmaster Mexico still largely uses paper tickets, which may have contributed to the high amount of fake tickets.


“The inconveniences at the entrances were a consequence of the high unprecedented number of fake tickets which caused crowding of people more than typical,” Ticketmaster Mexico wrote in a statement. “The crowding caused confusion and complicated the entrance to the stadium, which led to people with legitimate tickets, not being allowed entry.”

Ticketmaster Mexico also added that they were working with the authorities to prevent this situation with fake tickets from happening again. When the concert started, much of the ground-level standing area was considerably empty due to the high number of ticket holders that were left outside. Bad Bunny floated on his palm tree over an empty area that’s usually filled with an audience. Estadio Azteca also released a statement, saying that the entrances were closed due to Ticketmaster Mexico’s direction about the fake tickets. 

“Ticketmaster detected cases of duplication and/or falsification of tickets for this night’s concert, a situation that is completely unrelated to the Estadio Azteca,” the venue said in a statement. 

PROFECO announced that Ticketmaster Mexico will be fined and that the company will face “grave consequences” today for the ticket issue. In an interview with Radioformula, Ricardo Sheffield, a leader at PROFECO, announced that the fine will be determined in the following week, and it could be up “10 percent of ticket sales in the past year.”

“There were no fake tickets,” Sheffield said. “Ticketmaster said there were fake tickets, but they were the ones that put the tickets out there. They made more tickets. It’s a classic case of overselling tickets.” 

The final night of the World’s Hottest Tour in Mexico City appeared to go more smoothly on Saturday. Mexican pop stars Danna Paola and Kenia Os were in attendance to see Bad Bunny wrap up the tour.