Two Members of Zoé Launch New Band & Announce Upcoming Album

Lead Photo: Photo by E36Nueve.
Photo by E36Nueve.
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Two members of the Mexican rock group Zoé are breaking out with their own project, Astronomía Interior. Today (Dec. 14), they announced the release date for their upcoming self-titled album.

Astronomía Interior is led by Jesús Báez and Ángel Mosqueda. Báez plays the keyboard for Zoé, while Mosqueda is the band’s bassist. Earlier this month, they performed with Zoé and lead singer León Larregui at the Besame Mucho Festival in L.A. Now Báez and Mosqueda are ready to focus on their side project Astronomía Interior.

Back in Oct., Báez and Mosqueda launched Astronomía Interior with their debut single, “Un Día Especial.” In the rock-infused dance track, they leaned more into the atmospheric sounds that Zoé is known for. Astronomía Interior also embraced more electronica influences in the spacey love song. Last month, the guys followed that up with the dreamy song “California.”

With the announcement of their upcoming debut album, Astronomía Interior also released the new single “Estrella Fugaz.” The duo dabbles in a synth-pop sound that’s reminiscent of the ‘80s. “This song tries to narrate the profound impact of a fleeting encounter between two people: something that, despite its brevity, leaves a profound mark,” Báez and Mosqueda shared in a statement.

Astronomía Interior also released a second new song titled “Animal.” This time around, the guys dial it back to the dance music of the nineties that’s reminiscent of Kraftwerk and fellow Mexican group Moenia. “This composition focuses on that primitive need to be near and ‘possess’ the beloved one, hence the rhythm is suggestive and sensual,” Astronomía Interior said.

With their self-titled album, Astronomía Interior are building a “galaxy of music” with each song representing a star. The LP will be released on Jan. 19 via Universal Music Mexico. “Both [new songs] have the idealization of people or moments as their common thread,” they added. “We also want to describe the emotions that these kinds of ideas bring to our hearts and minds.”

Watch the music video for “Estrella Fugaz” below.