WATCH: Anahí Makes Triumphant Return With Juan Gabriel in “Déjame Vivir”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Música Eterna / Virgin Music
Courtesy of Música Eterna / Virgin Music
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Anahí has made her return to music, and her comeback is with Juan Gabriel, no less. Both Mexican stars teamed up for JuanGa’s new single, “Déjame Vivir,” released yesterday (Oct. 27). Anahí pays tribute to the late icon in the stylish music video.

“Déjame Vivir” is the third single from Juan Gabriel’s upcoming album Los Dúo 3. The song is one of his most famous compositions; Spanish singer Rocío Dúrcal recorded it as a duet with him in the ‘80s. Now, the classic song is getting revived in a new version with Anahí.

Anahí has experienced a major comeback to music this past year. In Dec., she recorded a new version of RBD’s hit “Nuestro Amor” alongside Mexican rock group Moderatto. Then in June, Karol G brought her out as a surprise guest during her concert in Mexico City. The two women sang one of RBD’s hits live together, “Sálvame.” Now, Anahí is part of Juan Gabriel’s new single. 

“I will always carry all those moments with Juan Gabriel in my heart,” Anahí said in a statement. “His invitation to sing with him was magical and for this song to finally come out is a dream!”

Anahí and El Divo de Juárez recorded “Déjame Vivir” together before his passing in 2016. This completely revamped version of the song blends tropical music with a rock-infused punch. Anahí sounds at home as she sings about living her best life despite the naysayers. Juan Gabriel’s impassioned voice keeps his message of living proudly in your truth alive. 

The music video for “Déjame Vivir”  was directed by Antonio Morales Roma. Anahí sings the song in front of screens with JuanGa’s image. She also recreates many of his iconic looks, and she wears them fiercely. Anahí’s fans will be living for this flamboyantly fun video.

Back in Aug., Los Dúo 3 was teased with the first single, “Ya,” featuring Banda El Recodo and La India. A posthumous Gabriel then teamed up with Eslabon Armado for their collaboration “Mía Un Año.” 

Check out the music video below.