WATCH: Bad Bunny Goes Norteño with Grupo Frontera on Collab “un x100to”

Lead Photo: Photo by Eric Rojas.
Photo by Eric Rojas.
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Fresh off his Coachella headlining performance, Bad Bunny teamed up with Grupo Frontera for a surprise collaboration called “un x100to” on Apr. 17. The result? An emotional norteño cumbia about a past lover.

“I really love Grupo Frontera because I think they have a lot of feelings in their songs,” Bad Bunny told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe about his newest collaborators. “I love the way that they perform and they made [“un x100to”] with the heart just like me.”

Directed by Abelardo Baez, the minimalistic music video, which was filmed in a Nevada Ghost Town, shows the two acts performing the new heartfelt cumbia. Like the typical Regional Mexican music videos, the artists stayed true to the genre’s norm by giving a live performance-type of visuals. Though this is new for Bad Bunny, it’s a way that he’s adapting and embracing Mexican culture.

Decked out in denim and boots, we see the collaborators jamming and dancing to the regional Mexican track, all while crooning and reminiscing about a past lover. With lyrics like, “Me queda 1 porciento / Y lo usaré solo para decirte lo mucho que lo siento / Que si me ven con otra en una disco solo es perdiendo el tiempo / Baby, ¿pa’ qué te miento?” the artists sing about how they would use their remaining battery life to apologize to their lost lover. “un x100to” was written by Edgar Barrera and produced by him and MAG.

“We look up to Bad Bunny and especially how he’s changed the landscape for Latin music worldwide,” Grupo Frontera said in a press statement. “We definitely didn’t think that we would be lucky enough to create a song with our idol this early in our career, but we feel really honored that he wanted to do a song with us.”

Benito also told Lowe he’s in love with the “new movement of Mexican music.” “I think it’s beautiful what is happening. It’s very necessary because the world needed, I think the world needed to know more about all culture, the Latin culture,” he said.

He added that it’s another perspective of Latin music; that it’s not just all reggaeton and perreo. “There are also other very beautiful and very wild genres of Latin music. So, for the new generation, this authentic music, made by young people, that’s what I love it. They have the authentic sound, the essence, but with a new color, with a new sound, it’s fresh, it’s a totally different breath,” he added.

Watch the music video for “un x100to” below.