After a 6 Year Hiatus, Carla Morrison Announces New Album & Tour

Lead Photo: Photo by Chris Cruz
Photo by Chris Cruz
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Carla Morrison, the sensational Mexican indie-pop artist, is finally making her anticipated return to releasing music. Her newest offering, a full album titled El Renacimiento will be released on April 29. After leaving the spotlight, the record marks her first project in over six years.

Via press release, Morrison shares her thoughts on this new album: ​​“My most personal album yet. My other albums focused on my relationship with others, this one focuses on my relationship with myself. It’s as of now, the place where I live now. I shine bright, I’m in love and I’m content with my darkness and my light.”

In addition to the album announcement, Morrison announced she’s hitting the road with the El Renacimiento tour, which kicks off at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on May 12. The tour has 14 dates from mid-May to early July. This month, she will also be opening for the legendary pop act Coldplay on their tour stops in Monterey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. 

After this announcement, the people of Twitter rejoiced at Morrison’s long-awaited return. One fan celebrated finally having a release date for Morrison’s album.

Fans also took to Twitter to share their reactions to Morrison’s tour announcement.

Honestly, as Morrison cultivates this new era, we hope this user is able to find more friends in the stan community.

Morrison is an indisputable artiste — combining a highly stylized look with music that contains an evocative and meaningful rawness. Her return to music has us, as well as her fans, ecstatic to see what’s to come.