Cuco Releases ‘Caution,’ Announces Upcoming Song With Kacey Musgraves

Lead Photo: Photo by Richard Brooks.
Photo by Richard Brooks.
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The Mexican-American singer-songwriter Cuco is officially making his comeback. Today (April 29), the 23-year-old released the lead single “Caution” from his upcoming second album Fantasy Gateway, due on July 22. As part of this album reveal, he also announced that he’s going on tour this summer and revealed upcoming collaborations, including a song with Kacey Musgraves and Adriel Favela.


“‘Caution’ is a song that talks about going through different mental health issues and not wanting to bombard the people around you with your problems, so you just keep them to yourself,” Omar Banos, aka Cuco, said in a written statement about his new single. “But sometimes putting all that weight on yourself results in a feeling of being out of control when everything explodes.”

The Grin Machine-created animated music video for “Caution” takes us on a cryptic and psychedelic trip through Cuco’s journey within. The video shows us the animated and worrisome Cuco on an airplane that takes him to a new location where he is faced with different animals and creatures that eventually morph into each other and into himself. We then see Cuco run through mazes into a hallucinogen-like pathway to which he then finds himself arriving home with a big smile on his face, presumably hiding away his actual grim emotions.

“Caution” is the first taste of his upcoming 12-track sophomore album, where he aims to explore new sounds. According to the press release, the album “pushes the envelope of his sound, presenting a new chapter of his career in which his growth and ability to take risks to great results are on full display.” 

With the announcement of the collaboration with both American country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves and Mexican Regional artist Adriel Favela on “Sitting In The Corner,” it already appears that the album will push genre boundaries. Could it be that Cuco will be the next artist to experiment with corridos tumbados? It would be pretty interesting to hear Musgraves on such a song. Other collaborations include a track with Bratty and another with DannyLux.

Notable festival appearances during his upcoming tour include Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Viva L.A. Music Festival in Los Angeles.

Watch “Caution” below.