PREMIERE: Adriel Favela Pulls Up to New Era With “444 X Tipo Need For Speed”

Lead Photo: Photo by Jackie Gallardo
Photo by Jackie Gallardo
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Adriel Favela is putting the pedal to the metal in the next phase of his career. After signing with a new label, the Mexican-American singer has released his first single, “444 X Tipo Need For Speed.” In the music video premiering on Remezcla, Favela takes tricked-out sports cars for a spin.

Last month, Favela went from indie to the big time, signing with Universal Music Latino’s Fonovisa imprint. “444 X Tipo Need For Speed” marks his first release since then. In the spirit of going big or going home, he aims for the latter with this beast of a track. “444” opens with a familiar corridos cadence before shifting gears into a dark, bass guitar-heavy banger. Favela’s attitude also shifts from rolling with the punches on the road to taking control of the wheel and his career. In Spanish, he yells out, “We’re back, viejo!” Favela is revved up and ready to go with this next-level corrido.

“The [song and music video’s] quality overall is probably one of the most outstanding in the Mexican game, without a doubt,” Favela told Remezcla in a statement. “The vibe and the magic that we as a team created for this to sound the way it does is something that has been done very few times.”

In the music video for “444 X Tipo Need For Speed,” Favela and his squad take over a parking garage. They’re popping wheelies on motorbikes and pulling donuts in colorful sports cars. The song is the lead single from his upcoming debut album with Fonovisa. Pull up for Favela’s new era and watch the premiere below:


Towards the end of the last decade, Favela rose up as a leader of the corridos tumbados movement. The emerging genre puts a street-friendly, hip-hop twist on the traditional Mexican corrido. The San Francisco native placed four singles on Billboard‘s Hot Latin Songs under his previous label Gerencia 360. This year, he featured on Spanish rapper C. Tangana’s “Cambia!” with Mexican singer Carin Leon.