WATCH: Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz Reveals Why He’s Retiring

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Music VIP.
Courtesy of Music VIP.
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Grupo Firme’s Eduin Caz finally revealed why he’s retiring soon. On Aug. 26, the Mexican singer talked about his past health issues in hopes that his audience would understand his decision to leave the stages during a show at the Feria Nacional Potosina (Fenapo) 2023 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

To a packed crowd, Eduin showed his scars from a recent surgery. His brother and group mate, Jhonny, helped him count his five scars. Eduin then said it was the perfect night to talk about his surgery. Jhonny hugs him before Eduin starts to explain his past health issues.

 “This is the only time I’m going to tell you, please, and I want you to understand why I want to get the fuck out,” he told his audience of an estimated 300,000 concert-goers. “I want you to understand, please. You are a person, just like I am. I am a normal person, just like you. I sing, but I also feel.”

He continued by asking the audience to look up what a hiatal hernia is. He said that it turns into Barrett’s esophagus when it’s not taken care of. He said he didn’t care for his health, so he ultimately developed that condition and explained that Barrett’s esophagus can turn into cancer.  “Just as you were left [shocked], that’s how I was on November 4, cold. I said, ‘me cargó la verga,’” he told his audience. However, he shared he was treated by the best doctors and had surgery.

Eduin noted he never talked about it because he didn’t want people to feel sorry for him. The singer also revealed that he recently got a study done and is all better. At this moment, Jhonny tells the audience: “We defeated cancer!” Eduin then said it was a special night to party til the morning.

Though it’s unclear exactly when Eduin will retire, fans are speculating that it’s coming soon. Earlier this month, he published a birthday post that mentioned his retirement plans. “It’s not the end of the group, I’m not going to become a soloist, I’m just saying goodbye because from what I see I only have 3 dates left to complete and I’m going to get my life back 😎🙏🏻♥️.” 

Up next, the band is set to perform at ATLive 2023 in Atlanta, GA, on Oct. 20. Grupo Firme is headlining the event alongside J Balvin, Farruko, and Yahritza y Su Escencia.