WATCH: Jenni Rivera’s Father & Siblings Respond to Lawsuit by Singer’s Children

Lead Photo: Photo by Patty Gregory.
Photo by Patty Gregory.
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There’s drama in the Rivera family. Last week, Jenni Rivera’s Estate filed a lawsuit against the indie label Cintas Acuariot and Ayana Musical, both owned by La Diva de la Banda’s father, Don Pedro Rivera. Yesterday (Sept. 26), Don Pedro and Jenni’s two siblings, Rosie and Juan Rivera, responded to the lawsuit.

Through a press release video, Don Pedro said he didn’t know about the lawsuit until he saw it in the media and claimed that he hadn’t received an official notice of the lawsuit. “I love my family, and I have raised them to achieve something in life. I have always been by their side with the affection and love that I have for all of them — for the whole family — and I don’t understand why these things are being done in this way if we can fix it in the family. I feel very bad, very sad about this situation,” he said in front of the camera.

He also noted that per his lawyer’s recommendation, he’s not allowed to give interviews to the press and that everything will get resolved through lawyers. He mentions that he doesn’t have a reason to judge — and never has judged — his grandchildren or anyone in public or any other form due to his respect for his children and family. He closed the interview by saying that Rosi and Juan can deal with anything related to interviews since he can’t interfere with the lawsuit’s process.

“I hope to God that everything will work out because I have always treated Jenni Rivera’s career with the utmost respect,” he said. “I have not made any releases to interfere with what they are doing. When Juan worked with them, he was in charge of all that. Also, out of respect for my son and Jenni Rivera, I never did absolutely anything to create [or] release new materials or anything [like that].” 

Juan also chimed in, saying that he’s seen his dad’s work and that his dad only wishes to leave his children a better life. “No matter what happens, we are still the Rivera family, and I pray to God that everything turns out for the best,” he said.

The complaints’ reasons listed in the lawsuit include Don Rivera taking advantage of Jenni’s “sound recordings and musical compositions, among other things,” which they claim rightfully belong to the estate as Jenni’s successors. They also claim that the defendants “exploited” the “Ya Lo Sé” singer’s name, image, and overall likeness for “tens of millions of dollars,” among other points.

Jenni Rivera’s estate, comprised of her children, has yet to respond to the video.