WATCH: Kenia Os Calls Out Fake “Good Boy” in Futuristic Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo by Alfredo Persan.
Photo by Alfredo Persan.
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Kenia Os is continuing to let fans into her futuristic world of K23 with her “Good Boy” music video, released last night (Jan. 12). The Mexican pop star takes aim at “f**k boys” in her new single.

“Good Boy” is one of the songs from Os’ recent album K23. Reflecting the genre-bending sound of her LP, she blends disco-pop beats with elements of trap music. In her kiss-off anthem, Os realizes that a relationship came to an end because her lover was a “f**k boy.” Os has no time for men who waste her time, and she celebrates the single life without him.

Os has offered a visual experience with her album K23. She first welcomed fans into the world of K23 with the music video for “Mía Mía,” released in Sept. 2022. Os explored more of that futuristic realm in the videos for “Flores” and the animated “La Invitación.” In the “Good Boy” video, Os soundtracks the story of a space-age couple that’s caught in the push and pull of a toxic relationship. By the end of the stunning visual, the man teleports out of the woman’s life.

Last year, Os successfully crossed over from social media influencer to one of Mexico’s leading pop artists. Music is only one facet of her empire that includes a cosmetics line called Kenia Os Beauty, and she plans to branch out into acting. 

“I felt like I’ve never changed,” Os told Remezcla back in Aug. “That I’ve simply been unlocking other levels of my career. I’ve viewed my career as Kenia Os as how far can I take this, how far can I go with this, what is the next level? I believe as a content creator that’s the first level where I grew, where I first received the love and support, and now I’m at this second level, entering the singing world.”

Os will perform across the U.S. for the first time on the K23 Tour. The tour kicks off in San Diego on Feb. 22. 

Watch the music video for “Good Boy” below.